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About Us

The Oregon Coast Woman to Woman Conference is organized by sober women in recovery from around the Pacific Northwest. Our mission statement is: “To unite alcoholic women in recovery who are working the steps and are dedicated to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, to meet and share with other alcoholic women the AA program of recovery and to provide an environment that is conducive to relaxation and peace.”

It is our hope that you are able to enjoy, relax and learn from the women who are gathered here. We have a number of meetings available throughout the weekend, including speaker meetings, discussion sessions, workshops and meditation opportunities. We hope that you find the environment of the conference one that enriches your soul and enhances your program.

With the help of some of our friends, and the grace of God, this weekend will fulfill all of your expectations. We hope that you are also able to soak up some of the wonderful beauty that surrounds us.

Past Committee Chairs

YearName, Location
2022Jennifer K, Eugene
2021Tracey N, Eugene
2020Tricia S, Eugene
2019Pat D, Florence
2018Trina K, Springfield
2017LuAnna M, Florence
2016Peggy C, Eugene
2015Meg A, Springfield
2014Michele O, Newport
2013Pat M, Florence
2012Angie D, Eugene
2011Brenda K, Eugene
2010Kay S, Seal Rock
2009Cheri R, Yachats
2008Kay S, Waldport
2003-07Kate M, Waldport
2002Maggie E, Waldport
2001Nancy A, Newport
2000Octavia S, Yachats
1998-99Maggie E. Waldport
1994Brenda K, Waldport
1988-89Doris B, South Beach
1996-97Connie H, Newport
1995Valerie P, Yachats
1992-93Jeannette B, South Beach
1991Joanne B, Newport
1990Dara C, Newport
1986-87Sharon W, South Beach
1984-85Joanne B, Newport

2022-2023 Conference Committee

PositionName, Location
ChairChristina N, Eugene
Co-Chair/ProgramDella T, Eugene
Treasurer ChairDebra B, Eugene
Program ChairMolly C, Bend
Registration ChairTana B, Elmira
Registration Co-ChairPat D, Florence
Hospitality ChairTracey N, Eugene
Hospitality Co-ChairJennifer K, Eugene
Apparel ChairMichelle B-L, Eugene
Apparel Co-ChairSuzie K, Eugene
Decorations ChairJane G, Portland
Decorations Co-ChairOPEN
Website ChairAmy P, Westfir
Website Co-ChairZepha W, Eugene
Volunteer ChairPat D, Florence
Zoom ChairTess L, Eugene

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